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Signatures of famous people

250 signatures and short descriptions

Table of contents



Adams John, Adams John Quincy, Affleck Ben, Aniston Jennifer, Armstrong Neil, Arthur Chester Alan


Banks Tyra, Barton Mischa, Berry Halle, Bloom Orlando, Bogart Humphrey, Brando Marlon, Brandt Willy, Brosnan Pierce, Buchanan James, Buffett Warren, Buren Martin, Bush George Herbert Walker, Bush George Walker


Carrey Jim, Carter Jr. James Earl, Cattrall Kim, Chan Jackie, Churchill Winston, Cleveland Grover, Clinton Hillary, Clinton Bill, Clooney George, Connery Sean, Coolidge Calvin, Cox Courteney, Cruise Tom, Cussack John


Damon Matt, DeNiro Robert, Depp Johnny, Diaz Cameron, Dor Karin, Drake Francis, Dunst Kirstin


Eisenhower Dwight D., Elisabeth I. from England


Federer Roger, Fillmore Millard, Ford Gerald, Ford Harrison, Foster Jodie, Franklin Benjamin


Garfield James, Gates Bill, Gibson Mel, Graf Steffi, Grant Ulysses


Harding Warren, Harrison Benjamin, Harrison William Henry, Hatcher Teri, Hayes Rutherford, Heigl Katherine, Heinrich VIII, Hemingway Ernest, Hitler Adolf, Holmes Katie, Hoover Herbert, Hudson Kate, Hugo Victor


Jackson Andrew, Jackson Michael, Jefferson Thomas, Johnson Andrew, Johnson Lyndon B., Jolie Angelina, Jones Tommy Lee


Karl the Great Große, Keitel Harvey, Kelly Grace (Princess Gracia Patricia from Monaco), Kennedy John F., Kerr Deborah, Kidman Nicole, Klum Heidi


Langoria Eva, Law Jude, Lincoln Abraham, Liu Lucy, Lohan Lindsay, London Jack, Ludwig XIV, Luther Martin

… etc.


If you are interested in autographs or handwriting this is the book for you. Most of the content in this book, are pictures of famous people signatures.

It is a signature mix of politicians, historical figures, peoples from the public, musicians, writers, painters and actors.

In addition to the signature you will find some facts about the birth and eventually the death of the person.

Be amazed  about the different handwritings of this people and think about their character or how they like to impress, or not, with their signatures.

You will not find a complete biography of each person, due to the fact that this information is already available in thousands of books and online as well. For detailed information you should visit the Internet or a library. I  just want to show you the difference about the signatures.

This book is only for your amusement  or leaf through the book to get entertained.

Since this is an E-Book that you can always carry along with you, it is especially useful for the type of reader that enjoys to have some entertainment available, while on the road or travelling.

I hope you are satisfied with my arrangement.


October 10, 2011




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