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Funny stories and jokes

Volume 10 - Miscellaneous

Table of contents


How to annoy people in general

Things that piss me off

Top ten least popular self-help books

Newspaper Headlines

Ways to tell someone their fly is unzipped

Age success

True embarrassing moments

Multilingual swearing

Farting people

Funny things to do on an essay you don't care about

Bored beyond belief

Simplified dump

Blondes and Bimbos

I knew a blonde that was so stupid that…

Blonde inventions

Things we learned from the Mars Rover

You must be a redneck if...

Martha Stewart's rules for rednecks

Southern comments

Orange kangaroos in Denmark

Maintaining your insanity

'Classic' Quickies

Funny One Liners

Wisdom Quotes

Writers Quotes


About the Author

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In this books I will introduce you to funny stories and dump things about miscellaneous.

This collection came from a variety of different sources like the Internet, emails I received from friends, things I heard at the local pub, at my hairdresser and other everyday life experiences.

Get ready, since it must be the funniest collection of this kind.

Carry these funny writings with you and have a laugh at parties, the bar or at a family get together. Because this is an E-Book version you may take it where ever you go in need for a laugh.

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January 29, 2012

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