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Funny stories and jokes

Volume 13 - Religion

Table of contents


Funny things to do at a funeral

Funs things to do to when Jehovah Witnesses come to visit

Top 10 reasons God created Eve


Top 10 things you never hear in church

Heaven and Hell

Dear God

Letter to God

You know you are in a Texas church when…

Biblical Bumper Stickers

Catholic Dictionary

A brief guide to religious philosophies

In the Garden of Eden

Bill Gates' adventures in heaven

Top 10 song titles on the Pope's new album

Stay awake in the sermon

Carols for the psycho challenged

Religious Quotes


About the Author

Other Publications



In this books I will introduce you to funny stories and dump things about religion.

This collection came from a variety of different sources like the Internet, emails I received from friends, things I heard at the local pub, at my hairdresser and other everyday life experiences.

Get ready, since it must be the funniest collection of this kind.

Carry these funny writings with you and have a laugh at parties, the bar or at a family get together. Because this is an E-Book version you may take it where ever you go in need for a laugh.

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January 29, 2012




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