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Guide to celebrity homes, restaurants, shops and clubs

Table of contents


Ricky Martin, pop singer (house 1)

Ricky Martin, pop singer (house 2)

Ricky Martin, pop singer (house 3)

Whitney Houston, singer 1. Apartment

Whitney Houston, singer 2. Apartment

Sammy Sosa, baseball player

Missy Elliot, singer

Dontrelle Willis, former baseball player

Rick Pitino, former basketball player

Don Shula, former football coach

Julio Iglesias, singer

John Erminio Capone, brother of Al Capone

John Dioguardi, mafia member

Anthony Gaetano Ricci, mafia member

Billy Joel, singer

Sanford Ziff, founder of "Sunglass Hut International"

Matt Damon, actor

Barry Gibb, singer

Jennifer Lopez, singer

Robin Gibb, singer

Chayanne, singer

William Gusto Bischoff, mafia member

Michael Coppola, mafia member

Francis Ford Coppola, movie director

Anthony Salerno, mafia member

Fontainebleau, famous celebrity hotel

LIV Club famous celebrity nightclub

Shakira, singer

Hulk Hogan, wrestler

Anna Kournikova, tennis player

Plunge Rooftop Pool, exclusive nightclub

WALL, celebrity hotspot

David Caruso, actor

Gianni Versace, fashion designer

Café Milano, celebrity restaurant

Prime One Twelve, celebrity restaurant

Cheeseburger Baby, celebrity restaurant

Miami Ink, tattoo studio

Dash Miami, Kardashian sisters store

The Webster, exclusive boutique

Mac's Club Deuce, celebrity nightclub

Macaluso’s, celebrity restaurant

Fisher Island, island with many celebrity homes

Oprah Winfrey, TV-show host

Boris Becker, tennis player



Have you ever ask yourself where Matt Damon, Shakira or Hulk Hogan’s homes are, as the Villa of Anna Kournikova and Jennifer Lopez looks like or where they eat and celebrate? In this book, you will find the answers to your questions.

For each house, restaurant, or shop, you will find the exact address and the corresponding GPS coordinates. By clicking on the GPS link, you can open Google Map, and you are able to zoom into the back yards of the celebrity homes, or use the information on your next visit to Miami to view the house from the street.

The metropolis of Miami is the most famous city in the Sunshine State of Florida. No wonder that you can see many prominent actors, stars, and starlets. There are of course many advantages, why Miami is so popular among celebrities. There are many private islands and guarded residential complexes, where the stars have their privacy from the paparazzi. For example, the private island of Fisher island can be reached only by boat or helicopter. Another big advantage is of course the weather. Almost sunshine and pleasant temperatures around 80 degrees can be found here throughout the year.


December 13, 2012




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