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Historical Markers ST.AUGUSTINE, FL

108 Historical Markers sorted by location - Volume 16

Table of contents


Marker Locations A to Z

8th Avenue, between 13th and 14th Streets

8th Avenue near 14th Street

1818 9th Avenue

1915 14th St

2207 21 Avenue

300 Bayshore Boulevard

312 Bayshore Boulevard

3319 Bayshore Blvd

Bayshore Boulevard/West Platt Street

Bayshore Boulevard north of Beach Place

Bayshore Bvld north of West Gandy Bvld

Bruce B. Downs Bvld north of East Fowler Ave

1610 East 7th Avenue

1701 E. 7th Avenue

1731 East 7th Avenue

3313 East 7th Avenue

East 7th Avenue/Broadway Avenue

East 7th Avenue, between North 13th St and Nuccio

East 7th Avenue, between N. 14th & N. 15th Streets

East 7th Avenue east of Nuccio Pkwy (2 Marker)

East 7th Avenue near 14th Avenue

East 7th Avenue near Angel Oliva Senior St. SW corner

East 7th Avenue near North 16th Street

East 7th Avenue near North 21st Street

East 7th Avenue near North 22nd Street

East 7th Avenue west of North 22nd Street (2 Marker)

East 7th Avenue west of North 24th Street

East 7th Avenue - in Ybor City

1313 East 8th Avenue

1724 East 8th Avenue

East 8th Avenue/North 13th Street (4 Marker)

East 8th Ave near Angel Oliva Senior Street (3 Marker)

East 8th Avenue west of North 14th Street

East 9th Avenue (2 Markers)

1711 E 11th Ave

1203 East 22nd Avenue

1301 East Columbus Drive

East Columbus Drive/North Central Avenue

East Columbus Drive west of North Nebraska Avenue

606 East Harrison Street (2 Marker)

East Harrison Street near North Morgan Street (2 Marker)

… etc.


Historical Marker Series Volume 16.

This book shows you all the HISTORICAL MARKERS in the city of ST. AUGUSTINE, Florida. In this edition you will find a total of 144 Historical markers. Each Marker is described with its location, GPS coordinates, and the exact inscription. The markers are sort by the name of the location. With one click you are able to jump from the content to the markers of your choice, and back to the content to search for other markers.

Because it is an E-Book and you always have your reading device with you, it is specialized for this kind of reader, who wants to have some Information on hand in a short way or get some entertainment while travelling.

I hope you are a little satisfied with this arrangement of facts.


November 8, 2011

ASIN: B0064TI79M



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