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What men laugh about

750 jokes and stupid sayings about blondes

750 JOKES ABOUT BLONDES Funny things you can do Hundreds funny and stupid sayings FUNNY STORIES AND JOKES 1 Hundreds of jokes about women 500 One Liners 7000 One Liners YALL AINT GONNA BELIVE YOU MIGHT BE A REDNECK TOP TEN REASONS WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS YO MAMA IS SO

What men laugh about

Hundreds of jokes and stupid sayings about women

Women are from venus men are wrong

Hundres of jokes and stupid sayings about women

Yo Mama is so ....

Collection of more than 2600 yo mama jokes

Funny things you can do to anoy people

Hundreds of funny, stupid and strage sayings for your everyday life

Laugh Out Loud

Top ten reasons, signs or things why .....

Funny stories and jokes

Volumes 1 to 17

500 one-liners and quotes

7000 one-liners and quotes

Y’all aint gonna belive this shit

1600 jokes and stupid sayings about rednecks

You might be a redneck if ….

750 stupid sayings about rednecks