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Grave Guide - Find their graves

Facts and resting places about the death of famous people - D - AU - CH

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Countries of burial grounds





Graves outside of D-AU-CH


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This book will help you find the graves of famous people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

It contains the facts about their deaths and everything surrounding such facts. You will find out why, how and where they died, what happened at each funeral and where their final resting places are. You will also find other curious facts about their deaths.

There are many websites where information can be found about famous resting places. During my research, I found out that a lot of this information is wrong or you cannot find what you are looking for in the first place. Much of the information is about the person’s life and what they were famous for.

However, you are looking for the cause of death and grave sites.

For each grave or cemetery, you will find the GPS coordinates to the grave's exact location. More than 75% of all GPS coordinates will show you the exact position of the grave and not only the position of the cemetery. With a click on the integrated link, the exact location will be shown in Google Maps. You will also get the complete address of the cemetery or resting place and their web pages (if they have one).

It has never been easier to locate the places you are looking for.

This guide contains the burial information for more than 680 famous people. For many of them you will find information you cannot get anywhere else.

Every day I search for new graves and their locations. If the person you are looking for is not listed in this book, check out my web page http://www.grave-guide.com. Here you will find all the people from my database and the books in which their information is published.


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